German Job Seeker Visa – All You Need to Know

7 thoughts on “German Job Seeker Visa – All You Need to Know”

  1. Avatar Ahsan Shahid says:

    It looks interesting but there exceptions according to case to case.

  2. Avatar Nat says:

    Can you receive unemployment benefits (Arbeitlosengeld I) while on this visa?

    1. Avatar Germany Simplified says:

      You cannot receive that benefit when you are in this Visa. There are different requirements for that. We shall have a post coming soon detailing about Arbeitlosengeld. Please do subscribe to our emails to stay updated.

  3. Avatar Ahsan says:

    If i get a German jobseeker VISA and while applying for jobs I find suitable job opportunities outside Germany within Europe. Will this German job seeker VISA make me eligible to immediately have a right to work and live in Europe or the process would be completely different and i will be considered as someone applying from outside Europe? As i understand if i get a job in Germany i would be able to get work permit immediately after getting job in Germany but what if there is an opportunity outside Germany in Europe.
    Thanks. I hope i was able to make my query clear.

    1. Avatar Germany Simplified says:

      The German job seeker visa is only for Germany and if you find a job outside Germany, then you would have to initiate the process in the other country.

  4. Avatar Greg says:

    I understand that it take upto 3 months to process your application. Will you be handing over your passport to them while waiting for the result?

    1. Avatar Germany Simplified says:

      No, your passport remains with you and you just give it for stamping later.

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